International holding NG Galaxy (Germany) under the leadership of Nana Hernandez Getashvili incorporates the group of companies NG and already for more than 22 years occupies a niche in the VIP-sector in the provision of services in the fields of architecture, design and decoration and VIP-persons styling around the globe. 

Today, NG Georgia company presents NG Galaxy Holding (Germany) in Georgia.

 An architectural bureau NG Georgia is an official representation of NG Galaxy Holding (Germany) in Georgia, the company that has been operating for over twenty years in different countries as dedicated performer of the projects created by architect Nana Hernandes Getashvili. The company also acts as an agent in numerous transactions dealing with the purchase of VIP furniture articles and decoration items, as an individual and corporate customer placing orders with manufacturers all over the world for a particular project-order, as an intermediate party between building contractors and a customer. Considering all the above the company pursues on objective:

 To simplify the process of creating turn-key ready personal or corporative space for the customer that would meet his/her aesthetic and economic criteria and would match the highest standards in accordance with all the international proportion units.

The bureau resources presume giving a VIP object support from placing an order to the object’s commissioning. Subtle psychological approach and high professional skills of the author make possible to create the most comfortable working environment for the customer, to cut the number of meetings and consulting sessions to a Minimum, and to create in the shortest possible time a project that would include:

Architecture of a city, district, village

Architecture of the exhibition hall

Architecture if a building

Building interior

Yacht interior

Aircraft interior

Furniture and decoration elements design

Creation of corporate and individual space style

Among the company’s customers today there are presidents of the companies and countries, politicians, businessmen, people valuing their time and appreciating the exceptional taste and subtlety inherent to all the projects of the author.

Every NG project is above all an embodiment of the inner world of the customer in the ideas of Nana Hernandes Getashvili who is an immediate author of all the projects.

We follow all the latest trends in building architecture and interior design as our employees attend all the important global exhibitions. Our projects do not stay on paper only, we trace all the further steps necessary for their fulfillment.

Due to cooperation with other companies belonging to NG Galaxy Holding (Germany) we are a unique infrastructure that is able to process the project from a sketch to arranging the books on a library shelf, hiring the staff, creating or evaluating collections of antique and art objects, constructing and commissioning buildings with renewable energy sources such as wind energy, launching private yachts or a government aircraft with their full technical equipment and design at the state-of-the-art level. 

Style, aesthetics and success are where we are as well-arranged living space without a hint of a doubt will have a positive impact in all the spheres of person’s activity.

Architectural Bureau NG Georgia

An official representation of NG Galaxy Holding (Germany) in Georgia!

NG Bau GmbH

An exclusive representative of HUF HAUS (construction of modular houses)! 

NGG Boutique

Multi-brand boutiques network of men's and women's apparel!

Dry Cleaning

The most prestigious Dry Cleaning Service!

Furniture Boutique

VIP-furnishing and decoration!

NG Gloss Beauty Salon

Coming Soon! Exclusive beauty project on the territory of Georgia! 

NG Gym

Coming Soon!


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