Apollo Theatre

Apollo Theatre


The Apollo Theatre is a gem of early 20th century Art Nouveau architecture in Tbilisi, Georgia.


One of the five first-ever cinemas in the world - or, as they were called in those days, “electric theatres” – the Apollo, located in Tbilisi, was created to a unique architectural design and was built in 1909 to join the ranks of other famous newly erected “contemporaries” - the Apollo Theatres in London, Paris, Madrid and Rome.

The theatre is also unique as it is one of the few Art Nouveau buildings in Georgia that has been preserved in its original form to the present day.

The cinema functioned for over 80 years and was closed in the early ‘90s due to the political disturbances in the country. After many years of operation and more than 20 years of desolation, the building had suffered significant damage.


Since the Apollo has a huge historical significance for generations of Tbilisi residents up until today, and for many years was one of the cultural centres of the Caucasus as a whole, the architect Hernandez Getashvili considers it her mission to restore the lost role of the building in the city’s life.

However, the concept did not end there.

Not only did the project of restoring an old building take place, but a project of the future was also created!

The Apollo would soon have new life breathed into it.

Currently, “NG Galaxy Holding” plans to restore the building as a cinema with one large space serving as a cultural centre for hosting festivals, formal ceremonies, official and public events, by virtue of a multifunctional 11 floors complex, designed to include a shopping mall, hotel, casino and restaurants.

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Externally, the design of the new building integrates into the pre-existing urban landscape so felicitously as if part of a single entity, despite the modern systems and structures.

The building’s exterior retains the style of the beginning of the century so as not to break the image and manner of the old Apollo.

Thus, a large-scale project to reanimate the cultural heart of the Caucasus will unfold in two stages to consequently transform the Apollo back into a centre of attraction for citizens who have so long been dreaming about its revival.

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