NG BAU GmbH is an exclusive representative of HUF HAUS (construction of modular houses) in Russia, the CIS and the Baltic States, and under the auspices of NG Georgia today in Georgia.

For more than a century the HUF HAUS company has an unrivaled reputation for the unique style, consistent quality and innovative technologies.

HUF HAUS modular houses are:

- turnkey solution that combines design, manufacturing and construction

-  unique architecture that combines wooden structures and glass surfaces

- high-quality German materials and professional equipment of the latest generation

- short construction period, taking a total of 6 months (from the development of the design project to commissioning)

the quality assurance

The HUF HAUS constructions are produced on the HUF factories and delivered to the final destination, where experts perform the installation the building frame, as well as technical work and interior trim. We provide all phases of the construction process to reduce the financial cost and to minimize the time of project realization.