Elite Furniture Boutique

NG Trade (Germany) is an intermediary and an agent in numerous transactions for the purchase of VIP- furnishings and decoration, individual and corporate customer of the manufacturers all around the globe. Today the database of NG Trade (Germany) includes not only the information about the representatives of different segments of the market, but the quality and reliability of the productive capacity of each. Two decades since the founding, when NG Trade (Germany) was the department of the construction and design organization till the time of becoming a separate independent unit of the holding, NG Trade (Germany) has been serving as customer for the company's clients in the "turnkey" projects. However, to date the company has the right to speak about the possibility to act as a purchasing agent at any level with any volume of orders, including the flow method. Today, due to NG Georgia company, it became possible to use the services of NG Trade (Germany) in Georgia, by just visiting an exclusive furniture boutique, as well as the electronic 

library which database enables the products of more than 

2000 world’s leading manufacturers of various interior items.